Our Vision

To end the cycle of poverty, by providing immediate and preventive medical care, addressing the short and long-term public health issues, and offering them a high level of education, which will improve their chance for better employment, the standard of living, and quality of life.
Hopefully, that will pull the people out of perpetual despair and misery.

Our Motto

Brighter Future for the underprivileged people.


Rashid Chaudhry MD.,FACS.
Founder and President

Our Mission

Noor Welfare Foundation USA (NWFUSA)is dedicated to improve the socioeconomic level of underprivileged families. NWFUSA accomplishes that by offering adequate medical care, public health facilities, establish & implement public health principals, like clean drinking water and adequate sewer management. Most importantly we provide facilities and opportunities for high level education. That will empower them to emerge out of present everlasting socioeconomic misery leading to financial wellbeing.

Short History of Noor Welfare Foundation

Noor Welfare Foundation USA (NWFUSA) & Noor Welfare Foundation Sahiwal Pakistan (NWFSP) are sister organizations.
NWFUSA was officially founded in 2000 as The Chaudhry Family Charitable Foundation. In 2010 its name was changed to Noor Welfare Foundation USA when it received its Tax-exempt status from the IRS-USA under section 501(C)(3). Noor Welfare Foundation USA Inc. is an International Charitable Organization in Manhasset, New York.
Noor welfare foundation Sahiwal Pakistan (NWFSP) was established as a sister organization in 2011. However, The history of the Chaudhry Family’s charitable and social welfare work goes back to many years. Since the 1980s, without any assistance from any government or non-government organizations, The Chaudhry Family has spent hundreds of thousands of US Dollars on the social welfare of the communities and poor people living in and surrounding their hometown of Village 86-9L, Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan. With decades of experience and a history of generosity, The Chaudhry family has established a well-structured, transparent, and accountable organization to further the lives of less privileged peoples.
Noor Welfare Foundation USA Inc. is involved in the prevention and treatment of Hepatitis (a preventable lethal illness that has evolved to an epidemic level in that area of Pakistan). NWFUSA has an aggressive program of education, the supply of clean drinking water, medical care & financial help during natural disasters.